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Hi there, we're team 4D.

We just got new hot creative game named "EDEN."

This digital game included pixel 8bit art, politics that law of Utopia.

First we just thought that the garden of Eden is real utopia in imaginary.

like no crimes and full of happiness.

In garden of Eden, GOD made all of them.

THE RULE is represent example that GOD made most important.

The APPLE is main character of this game.

It based on Adam and Hawa's story.

In story, the apple is symbol of against the law in garden of Eden,

and also symbol of temptation in story.

With Apple we against the law in garden of Eden that GOD made.

And we look up to when you are play this game will be fun to see the characters and story through this adventure.

Just enjoy this game and see more variety choices and endings.

Have FUN !



Install instructions

It is under development now and will be update soon.


EDEN chapter1 beta version.app.zip 18 MB

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